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He can be credited with capturing some of the most iconic footage in the history of spaceflight showing the International Space Station with a docked Space Shuttle orbiting Kilometers above the Earth. Nespoli, a trained aerospace engineer, will make his third space flight in as part of International Space Station Expedition 52 and 53, adding four-and-a-half months to bring his record to over days spent in space.

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Born in Milan on April 6,Nespoli attended the Paolo Frisi lyceum in Milan from which he graduated in and began his service in the Italian Army. He worked as a parachute instructor and, inserved as a Special Forces 101 Trading System in the 9th Paratroopers Assault Regiment Col Moschin.

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Nespoli also holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering Mechanics. He joined the European Astronaut Center in Cologne, Germany in as support for astronaut training and, inhe led an engineering group responsible for preparation of the personal computers to be used on the Mir Space Station.

In addition to general training for a role as Mission Specialist, Nespoli also completed training to become a robotic arm controller on the Space Shuttle and he trained in the EVA Branch of the Astronaut office.

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Paolo Nespoli lifted off on his first space flight as a Mission Specialist on Space Shuttle Discovery, embarking on mission STS on October 23, to deliver the Italian-built Harmony node to the International Space Station along with some smaller components like grapple fixtures and power units.

The STS mission was the longest for the Discovery orbiter, returning to Earth on November 7 after a mission of 15 days and 2. Now in a prime crew role, the three crew members went back into flight training before re-convening in November for a repetition of final exams and heading to the Baikonur Cosmodrome for two weeks of final launch preparation.

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The Expedition 26 crew supported a busy schedule of science experiments and welcomed the second H-II Transfer Vehicle in late January as well as the second Automated Transfer Vehicle christened Johannes Kepler that arrived on February 101 Trading System with over six metric tons of supplies.

The three-person crew oversaw the departure of the HTV-2 101 Trading System craft before the second half of the crew, Aleksandr Samokutyaev, Andrei Borisenko and Ron Garan, blasted off from Baikonur on Kaubandusvoimalused Strateegia hindi 4, trading the confined space of their Soyuz with the comforts of ISS two days later.

The six crew members oversaw the departure of the Progress MM spacecraft and the arrival of the next Progress cargo craft that made an automated docking to ISS. Undocking and backing away from ISS, the Soyuz crew members were treated to a unique sight with Endeavour docked to ISS, acquiring a series of iconic photos, taking advantage of one of the final chances to see a Shuttle docked to ISS before the program ended later in As the Soyuz right seater, Paolo Nespoli was given the task of climbing out of his seat after undocking and floating into the Orbital Module Kutse ja muugioptsioonide kauplemine take several minutes of video and plenty of still images of the Shuttle-Station complex while Soyuz retreated, en-route to a parachute assisted landing in the early morning hours of May 24, International Space Station.

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