Do you see that move being made at all? Do you expect to see Roman Quinn make the start in center?

Yeah, So they're using Scott, a lot as that center and he was mostly used as a starter when he was supposed to be a backup. So we're not really having that that that center that we needed and I think that tire them out going into those last two games. Yeah and I know, Doc Rivers did talk a little bit about that that lack of depth that at center now and and even Dwight Howard was talking a little bit about how he needs to put the team first a little more and and not get thrown out a game.

So many TS, I also wanna talk about the George Hill trade because that was a big move that they made kind of underwhelming compared to getting Kyle Lowry. I think, but is there silver lining to this to this trade? III know a lot of people did want Kyle Lowry but they didn't give up too much for this. George Hill acquisition.

Do you like the trade or not? I'm a fan of the trade. The My biggest concern is if he can get back on the court in time for the before the playoffs just to get him some more time he's been out with. Sergio on his hand, so I think that he's I mean in in this short stretch of the season with the Thunder, Fourteen games played He adds veteran experience to the bench that we just didn't have.

I mean we're playing with a lot of guys that the majority of which are either rookies or second year guys. Yeah and I like the trade too III think it kinda shows AA difference of philosophy between the two contenders in the east. I think Brooklyn and Philly where Brooklyn's kinda adding all these big name guys. Blake Griffin. They got obviously the the big three that they've had for a while now and and and also LaMarcus Aldridge that they brought in all these big names that that a few years ago would have been 123 Trading System Setup to think that all these guys would be at Brooklyn nonetheless, but it's two different philosophies.

I think where where big names versus a Sixers. Team that's built around being competitive in all different kinds of ways, and I think the George Hill trade kind of really highlights that let's talk a little bit about his feet on the team. We already touched on that a little bit, but the the Kyle Lowry thing where that would have been like a full step forward. This feels like kind of a half step forward to me is is that fair to say to you, I feel like 123 Trading System Setup a half step but at the same time I think it works better.

I mean you touched on Blake Griffin getting added to the nets. I think that there is a little bit of a flaw. Philosophy for the nets, where at all these big names and you'll get to a championship. I mean you go back to Miami when they first had their big three. They didn't win a championship that year and the Sixers have had this rotation now for a good amount of time.

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I mean, Tobias Simmons and Embiid have all played together now for more than 2 years, almost two and a half years now, so for them to get that consistency, I think gives them more of an advantage. What do you expect him to return and what do you expect George Hill to make his debut? I'm expecting Embiid to come off just a little bit of a slow start.

I mean you don't wanna rush him back, especially cuz it's gonna be pretty close to the playoffs. They're gonna wanna make sure that he stays healthy.

I think by the playoffs he'll be okay.

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I'm assuming the same with George Hill as well. He's gonna come in first like three 2 weeks left in the regular season.

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They'll give him a few minutes, but they're really gonna expect him to hopefully take a big role in that bench come playoff time. Alright and with that we will move into a little bit of talk.

About the flyers looking pretty ugly lately, I would say sluggish and tired not really performing well at all, but they did have a big four to three comeback victory against Buffalo the other night, which I wanted to ask both of you. If that is a spark for this team and is is it a wake up call Absolutely not.

I mean it took them three goals in the third period just to tie the game and then they won scored the first goal in overtime. I don't really know how you can say that's a wake up call considering that they beat the Rangers only two to one previously losing them eight to three.

I would say you'd have to go out the win against the Rangers was solid.

I would say the defense played well, but then it totally fell apart against Buffalo. How are you interpreting this latest victory against the Buffalo Sabres? I mean it definitely was an ugly win because like Aiden said they only played for one period and that was in the third period.

It's kinda been the story all season long, where they only play about either twenty or 10 minutes of a period and then the rest of the game.

They just look fed up like flat out tired and it just doesn't look good. That was their eighteenth loss in a row so and especially with how they the Flyers lost.

A wake up call to them, so which is crazy cuz any team that is fighting for a playoff spot or whatever that kinda would be a wake up call and they've kind of you know, get on like a winning streak, probably but since they were down three nothing and coming to the third going to the third period, I don't 123 Trading System Setup it's a wake up call for them.

I mean, hopefully it is, but we'll see what happens. I'm glad you touched on the playoffs too, because I wanna ask is is the playoffs. Expectation that you have this season or do you think the team has that expectation this season or they just kinda ride it out till the end and and see what we got next year going into this season, It definitely wasn't expectation considering what they did last year.

I mean it's kinda basically the same team aside from Nike and Tyler Pit, but they had high expectations this year and they were projected to either finish second or third in their division and right now, there are three points out of the final playoff spot behind the Bruins.

And if they don't obviously they're don't get it together right now, they are gonna miss the playoffs and coming this week. They have three games against the Bruins so those will be huge. There's obviously will be huge wins and they get obviously jump ahead of the Bruins for that fourth final spot in the playoffs.

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If they end up winning those games and do you expect to see playoff hockey in Philadelphia this year, I hope so they definitely gotta turn around as Shane said. They got that 123 Trading System Setup important series against the Bruins. They also have two games. In between those two games, three games, they have the Islanders as well.

At this point, I don't see it, but they do still have some time to turn around. They just waved Shane Goss, which I think surprised a lot of people this week. What's your reaction to this waving in? Something that came out a little bit ago is that he's still now on the flyers, not the he's on the taxi squad team.

I was a little bit surprised by it. I know he hadn't been playing well, but he's someone that has been a starter in that defensive rotation for the flyers for several years now, so it was a little bit like me but again when you're not playing good hockey, you're gonna try to shake it up. What's your? To the move, I mean, I don't really think it surprised me that much because in the previous years, there have been rumors of trade talks with spare so didn't surprise me that much.

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They said they did for cap space. There's a rumor that there's a big trade that was gonna happen, but luckily he wasn't claimed off waivers because he's right now. It should have been anybody that they should have cleaned off waivers. It should have been either gossip or Robert Hague and there's also talks that rumors that it was AAA personal animus move from the organization cuz Goss made some comments earlier in the week about Carter hard and the teams playing Trading System R. I don't I don't know if that's true at all.

Perhaps 123 Trading System Setup can touch on that at all. I'm not too familiar with it, but I do know that I mean, it's something that you see a lot of different teams.

When there is when you're not playing well, there's gonna be a little bit of tension. I would be surprised if they made that decision fully based on that just because I mean they're not playing well. They haven't really been playing well defensively at all. So I think there's some other factors played in as well and other moves that the Flyers could potentially make the trade deadline is coming up and just under 2 weeks on April 12th is the team looking for a new goalie.

By any chance because Brian Elliott is getting old and they just sent Carter Hart down to take practice reps instead of playing an actual games. Do you see that move being made at all?

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I think the goalie is something they should definitely look at. I think defense we've talked about as well. That's something that they've really lacked and it's the reason why there has been so many goals allowed is just that the defense is really allowed it and forced the goalies in the bad situations. The biggest concern to me is because you already have two goalies and Carter Hart is so young and had played so well at the early in the beginning, it was.

Career I would say that if you're trying to sign a goalie look for someone that's maybe gonna be a free agent at the end of the year.

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Don't look cuz I saw Jonathan quick the goalie for the Kings could possibly trade just cuz the Kings aren't playing well. I would say to stay away from someone like that just because his contract is so long term get someone that could just be a short see if you can fix Carter Hart and if not maybe get another goalie Shane do you do you see the team is in the market for a goalie? Well, the rumor was that they're looking for they're actually looking for Detroit Red wing.

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Wings goalie Jonathan Bernier, who is 32 years old and he's actually supposed to be an unrestricted free agent after this season. But I don't think they should go out and get them right now. I think it was 2 years. They signed Brian and Elliott before the season started so and he's been a good mentor for Carter Hart right now.

He's playing on the Red Wings who aren't a great team. They're less in their division and I mean he doesn't have bad number. Right now, he has a goes against of. He's goes against is and he has a safe percentage of he has a safe percentage of. That's not awful.

It's not great. It's alright, so I don't think they should go out and get them now just because with Ryan Elliott, they have them for two more years. Alright prayers up for the flyers. Of course, we hope they make the playoffs, but who knows and with that we're moving to fast five and Shane or Aidan.

I wanna give you the final four question. We have the final four number two Houston versus number one.


I wanted to ask you. Is this Gonzaga year? Yes, So Gonzaga is looking Art Trading System strong when we first talked about March Madness, the three teams that I was saying, look the best for Michigan, Illinois and Baylor. I left out Gonzaga. There's always questions about that. They've really proved me wrong. They've been up by double digits at pretty much every second half that they played in the tournament.

Besides like 32 seconds, I think it was so they've been really strong, especially in the second half. I do think that this could be the year that they finally make it their team looks really strong.

123 Trading System Setup been closing out games tremendously well, and I just don't see any of the other teams. Each of them has a weakness that I think that if Gonzaga goes out to that fast start that they did, especially last night, I think that they have a chance to get that championship.

Now you can see Gonzaga winning in a in a lot of different ways and I don't think you can say that for the other three teams, Shane let's go to you for the next question this week in baseball with Tyler Small who could not. Not be here today, so I'm switching it over this week in baseball with Shane Nolan here we go.

123 Trading System Setup BTS binaarsed variandid

Surprisingly in a baseball, The Texas Rangers let go of their who is there starting second baseman for 7 years. Rohan Odor.

So we got a lot to talk about today on sports talk. Philadelphia welcome.

He still has two two seasons left on his own contract, and he has He signed a 6 year contract back in. For I mean he didn't have a great spring training, but surprisingly they let him go bonus. Question Aiden How's your racket looking terrible?

I mean it's it was pretty much blown up almost immediately last night for the dagger on it with the Michigan getting knocked out. So yeah, we're good. I'm I'm. Seen a lot of rumors, especially on sports talk radio, which is just a grab bag of wild wild theories.

Russell Wilson to the Eagles are those rumors legitimate. I don't even know if you've heard them. Yeah, I know II have heard them. I just don't see it. This team is really on. I think if they have better younger pieces, I could see it. I know that they did make that trade. We'll get into that shortly to get more first round draft picks that could potentially be traded for next year or maybe this year.

I also don't see Russell Wilson's. Leaving Seattle, He's just been there for so long and their team's really not that bad either. I know that they 123 Trading System Setup knocked out early in the wildcard game to the Rams, but I think that this is a strong team if they do well in the draft. I think he'll be satisfied staying in Seattle. I agree give Hertz a year and. I'll go to you again for the Eagles did make the trade back going from six to twelve surprised a lot of people upset a lot of people.

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I think first of all do you like the trade. Absolutely not not at all. I'm gonna try to watch my language here but yeah, I was not happy when I heard the trades still not happy about it.

I was very caught off guard, but with that being said, who do you see them targeting with that number twelve pick.

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