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Chokri, Monjia The purpose of this study is to investigate the effect of irradiation on pinus halepensis quality microbiological quality, physico-chemical and rheological characteristicson the mycotoxins: ochratoxin A and on its conservation. The pinus halepensis of three origins Kef, Kasserine and Thibar are treated with different doses 0, 0.

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When the DDR was determined, the pinus halepensis of every origin are irradieted with 0 Kgy and with 3 Kgy, and the pinus halepensis of Kasserine is irradieted with 2 Kgy and the pinus halepensis of Kef and Thibar are treated with 1 Kgy. We are steady some parameter of caracterisation of pinus halepensis in its storage at 20 0 Cand 37 0 Cduring 4 months. The results obtained show that the irradiation is very performant on reducing the number of bacteria.

In fact the dose of 1 Kgy permits the complete elimination of the germs of fecal contamination and yeasts and the moulds.

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Thus, the increase of the dose of the dose of irradition causes modification in physico-chemical properties of pinus halepensis. For mycotoxins, irradiation has showed good results.

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