See pakub teenuseid ühinemiste ja omandamiste, omakapitali ja võlakapitaliturgude, laenude andmise, kauplemise, riskijuhtimise, uuringute ning likviidsuse ja maksete haldamise valdkonnas. Because people from about countries around the world have migrated to Australia, there is a vast collection of languages spoken in the country.

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International Nuclear Information System INIS ''It is becoming increasingly apparent to many countries of the world that the provision of an adequate supply of energy to their communities is not only a matter of science and technological development, but also that the sociological and political impact of the technical decision involved is of great importance.

I am not one of those who is prepared to extrapolate the exponential curves of demand for a definite period in the future and reach a doomsday conclusion. But it is certainly true that on a world basis our present fuels have limited lives and will need to be supplemented or perhaps replaced by other resources.

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I am sure these resources will be found, but I am equally sure that we must look forward to a long period when Governments will require advice from men or organizations who are truly inter-disciplinary in the broadest sense of that word. Workers in the field of nuclear energy through sheer necessity have, I believe, Ayers Trading System this inter-disciplinary approach in greater depth than perhaps their colleagues working in the more conventional forms of energy and some countries, I believe, have already begun to exploit the special talents of such people and organizations.

This Agency has already moved to diversify its activities particularly towards work on the impact of nuclear energy on the environment, but protection of the environment is but one of many sociological questions that one can expect to be raised in world forums in the coming years.

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I personally feel that your Agency, uniquely among the United Nations family, is in a position to make a major contribution to the solution of those problems.