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The real-world examples in this short but informative book are far from comprehensive. One can look in nearly every direction and see examples of the Fibonacci Sequence. Whether one believes the Big Bang Theory or some divine entity created our world, a recurring theme permeates throughout life as we know it, one that is represented in earth and its galaxy as well as in plants, animals and humans.

The theme is represented not only in the lowly snail and sunflowers, for instance, but also within human DNA and in the infinite number of galaxies of our universe.

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This theme is called The Fibonacci Sequence, named after a man who lived over eight centuries ago, Leonardo Pisano Bigollo, better known as Fibonacci. It is, üsna piltlikult, in the eye of the beholder to see it. About the Author Michael Eric Brown is known for his contributions both on and offline, especially in the realm of social justice and gender concerns.

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As a professional freelance writer, he writes on a variety of subjects and engages his readers with his unique writing style. They are involved in supporting Creative signaalid Trading Inc travels through writing and digital photography, among other creative enterprises through their business, Piirideta pürgib, Inc.

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