Hind on viimase 24h jooksul 4. Lukukeelt ei saa raami sisse riivistada ,88 Kahe kaldkeelega. As of 30 June , the billionth Dogecoin had been mined. One of the more difficult aspects of the Ra Material to grasp is that the One Infinite Creator does not discriminate between that which we would term good or evil.


Take away what resonates and inspires, leave the rest. What is the origin of Life, the Universe, and Everything?

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And what existed before Creation? These are questions that have plagued the mind of mankind since the dawn of time, given rise to religions, mythology, and mystery schools. Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are sometimes called Abrahamic religions because they all accept the tradition of a God that revealed himself to the prophet Abraham.

Many of us have rejected the Abrahamic definition of God because of the inherent limitations and contradictions we encounter. Thus I find a great many people have decided to reject the concept of God simply because they have rejected the Abrahamic version of God.

To me, that seems like a logical fallacy.

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The Law of One states that there is only one, and that one is the Infinite Creator 4. Each portion of the creation contains, paradoxically, the whole The Law of One, though beyond the limitations of name, as you call vibratory sound complexes, may be approximated by stating that all things are Genesis Matrix Trading System EA, that there is no polarity, no right or wrong, no disharmony, but only identity.

The simplicity and perfection of The Law of One is that it explains the universe, it explains creation, it explains God. There is only One. There is only God. Everything in the universe, including ourselves, is a part of, an aspect of, a relection of, a living cell of One Infinite Being or Source Creator.

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It has no beginning. It has no end. It simply is. When we grasp this understanding, as we remember it, we begin our journey back to our true divinity.

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At the smallest level of everything you are, there the Infinite Creator has placed his life into you. For everything is energy and energy is everything. Discover the Infinite Creator and who ~YOU~ really are in Synchronicity Once we step outside of the paradigm of our temporary, linear, material existence we realise that we have no beginning, we have no end, we simply are.

We dwell within the divine.

It is only our belief in our separation or separateness that imprisons us and holds us back. This belief is ultimately an illusion, or what Ra would call a distortion. Ra: The intelligent infinity discerned a concept. This concept was discerned due to freedom of will of awareness.

This concept was finity. This was the first and primal paradox or distortion of the Law of One. Thus the one intelligent infinity invested itself in an exploration of many-ness. Due to the infinite possibilities of intelligent infinity there is no ending to many-ness.

The exploration, thus, is free to continue infinitely in an eternal present. In order to experience itself in an infinite number of possibilities, the One became the many.

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The One became us. Yet the One still remains the One. We are all an aspect of the One, both individually and collectively. To attempt to understand this concept, one solution is to look for a metaphor. I love spiritual metaphors, particularly natural metaphors, which I view as one of the purist forms of divine communication — a complex spiritual message boiled down into the most simple and elegant representation. Metaphors are never perfect when revealing the divine, but they do communicate more effectively and with less distortion than human language in penetrating our soul consciousness.

An excellent metaphor to aid our understanding is the Shoreless Ocean and its waves. The ocean is shoreless because it is infinite, without boundaries or form.

Tellimuste kinnitused saadame CiP i kaudu. Antud hinnad kehtivad alates kuni Vajadusel võib müüja teha hinnakirjas muudatusi ka varem, sellest informeeritakse koostööpartnereid ette vähemalt 1 kuu. Näidis: antud toote pinnakate on läikiv kroom prion Must tsink Nikkel Tsink Addion Läikiv tsink Läikiv kroom Valge pulbervärv Matt kroom Hõbedane pulbervärv Must kroom Kuldne pulbervärv Läikiv messing Hõbedane Matt messing Valge Matt roostevaba teras Kuldne Tume oksiid Pruun Matt tsink Kuldne pulbervärv Kollane tsink Valge pulbervärv Alakoodide tähendused Väikepakend, kogus pakendis sõltub tootest Paremakäeline, välja avanev Vasakukäeline, välja avanev Paremakäeline Vasakukäeline Käelisuseta, ümarate otstega Käelisuseta, kandiliste otstega Väikepakendis TWIN MAX südamikud, iga toode pakitud eraldi blisterpakendisse.

However, the wave represents much more than our individual human incarnated consciousness. It represents the totality of our spiritual selves.

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Our individual human incarnated consciousness might just be the sea-foam riding on top of the wave. Though the wave is perceived as an individual phenomenon, a swell of material and energy, it is still fundamentally connected to the ocean, an aspect of the ocean from which it is manifested. For many people this metaphor begins to break down when people worry about the wave being absorbed back into the Shoreless Ocean.

Does the wave still exist? Does our own unique consciousness still exist?

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I believe that it does. The energy signature of the wave, like our soul, continues to exist, however it simply takes on a very different form, becoming even more aware of its divine connection.

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See 10 below Hans Wilhelm uses a similar metaphor in his video explaination of how reality worksusing the sun and its sun beams in place of the ocean and its waves. The article below, Ten Misconceptions about the Shoreless Ocean and its Waves by Dorothy Hunt, is a wonderful list that illustrates some of the fundamental principles of the Law of One for those who struggle with the material. A 5D experience would entail an even lesser degree of this perceived separation.

That the wave must eradicate all faults and delusions, control all of its movements, do many special practices, train for eons, accumulate special powers, and so Genesis Matrix Trading System EA worthy in order that one day, it can become water.

This is Binaarsed valikud UK oigus core lesson of the Ra Material, and the distortions of which Ra speaks of that comprise the spiritual work of each density.

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Ascending the octave of the densities is about perfecting and fine-tuning our experience that the wave is also the ocean, just as we practice playing a musical instrument to become an integral part of a beautiful symphony.

It is the Ocean that understands the wave, not the other way around. DN: The ocean is a mystery and unknowable to us.

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Because we exist in the form of a wave, we cannot know the entirety of the ocean. We can only imagine the ocean as a larger wave, which we too often do, which is Genesis Matrix Trading System EA misperception, which creates a false god or idol. And mystery is the bedrock of spirituality. We are messengers of the Law of One. Unity, at this approximation of understanding, cannot be specified by any physics but only be activated or potentiated intelligent infinity due to the catalyst of free will.