Upon transfer, income tax shall be paid on the sales amount. While there is no requirement to enter a symbol in the guidelines for completing an income tax return, we recommend that you do so in order to clearly identify the security. How are securities obtained through succession or as a gift taxed? How is the acquisition cost determined for those securities that the taxpayer has acquired from an Estonian employer through an option agreement? Declaration via the ordinary system Examples of declarations of securities transactions in the ordinary system The acquisition cost is found using the FIFO method based on the order of purchase. The data of the interest earned on bank deposits will be automatically shown on your pre-populated income tax return starting from

Information is available from our customer support by calling or e-mailing finance lhv. Customer support operates Mon—Fri 9— General information 1.

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Declaration of personal investment income in Estonia Sincetwo parallel systems have existed in Estonia for the taxation of personal investment income: the so-called ordinary system, according to which all transactions involving the sale of securities must be declared, and the investment account system, according to which only the contributions to and disbursements from the account must be declared.

Securities income may also be declared according to both systems. The ordinary system provides for the declaring of Toiduainete turuosa aktsiate tehingud securities transactions performed in the previous year. The income tax obligation arises once you have earned a profit as the end result of all sales transactions. However, if you have incurred a loss during the year, you can carry IPC Trading Systems Guide forward to the following year.

Service fees may be deducted from realised revenue under the ordinary system, but management fees may not be deducted. Transactions must be entered in the income tax return by hand see How is income declared in the ordinary system? It is there that we have consolidated all of the information known to LHV Pank regarding the gain or loss on the transfer of your Estonian and foreign securities, interest income from securities and foreign-sourced dividends.

Declare these to the Tax and Customs Board using tables 5. When using IPC Trading Systems Guide investment account system it is not the securities transactions that must be declared; instead, the contributions to and disbursements from the bank account marked IPC Trading Systems Guide the investment account must be declared.

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An individual may have multiple investment accounts at several different banks simultaneously. A tax liability only arises if the amount by which the disbursements made from all of the investment accounts exceeds the balance of the contributions made to all of the investment accounts. The main differences between the ordinary system and the investment account system are presented in the following table. Ordinary system Selection of assets to be declared Broader selection Only financial assets The following must be declared sales transactions involving securities performed using overall income, as well as dividend and interest income.

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Read more about investing as an enterprise. General information 2. Sales transactions and dividends under the ordinary system If you have received dividends in your Growth Account during the year, you will have to report these in Table 8. If you have also made some sales transactions in your Growth Account during the year, any disposal of fund units must be entered in Table 8. Declaration of dividends in the investment account system IPC Trading Systems Guide first step is to inform the Tax Board that you are using your Growth Account in the investment account system.

To do so, information regarding the bank account being used as the Growth Account must be entered in part I of Table 6. Only cash contributions and disbursements will be subject to reporting. The forwarded information should be visible in part II of Table 6. General information 3. Taxation of deposit interest Income tax shall only be paid on deposit interest by those private individuals who are CME FX Valikud Tegelased tax residents and who have not informed LHV Pank that their account, in which the interest is received, is an investment account.

Select the account and save the selection. Later, you should also declare this account on your Tax and Customs Board income tax return as an investment account. An Estonian tax resident is a person whose permanent residence is in Estonia or who has stayed in Estonia for at least days in a year. You do not have to declare or pay the interest yourself. The bank shall withhold income tax and declare and pay it on your behalf. The data of the interest earned on bank deposits will be automatically shown on your pre-populated income tax return starting from A client, whose deposit interest is subject to income tax, will from now on see two entries in their account statement: interest and income tax payment.

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Calculation of income tax follows the traditional rounding-off rules. General information 4. How to declare payments received from share capital reductions of Estonian companies?

If, during the year, you have received payments on the shares of your Estonian companies, made at the expense of the reduction of share capital, this data will appear automatically as pre-filled in Table 7.

Ordinary system Taxable income is the difference between the payments declared in column 4 of Table 6. The amount of capital share reduction taxable at the personal level will automatically appear in column 4 of Table 6. At the same time, it should be borne in mind that the acquisition cost, which has already been deducted on one occasion, cannot be taken into account for the second time.

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It means that after the share capital has been paid out, the acquisition cost of your shares will be reduced by the amount indicated in column 3 of Table 6. When you start selling your shares, you have to take it into account and correct the acquisition cost shown in LHV's tax report before submitting your income tax return, as changes in the acquisition cost due to the reduction of share capital are not reflected in LHV's system automatically.

In addition, make sure to delete the pre-filled data from Table 6. If part of the payment has been taxed at the corporate level, you can declare this portion of the share capital distribution as an investment account contribution in Part II of Table 6. The amount of share capital distribution on which income tax has been withheld at the corporate level is automatically pre-filled in Table IPC Trading Systems Guide. Completion of the income tax return in the ordinary system In the LHV internet bank you will find your tax report, which consolidates all of the information in your LHV bank accounts regarding gains or losses from the transfer of Estonian and foreign securities, interest income from securities and dividends from abroad.

Transactions performed with the trading platform LHV Broker are not reflected in the tax report. Information from the tax report can be used to complete your income tax return. If you are declaring securities income in both the ordinary system as well as the investment account system, remove the IPC Trading Systems Guide account entries from the LHV tax report.

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If you have received securities related income from somewhere other than LHV investment services for example, crowdfunding platformsthen this data must be added to your income tax return by hand.

Declaration via the ordinary system 2. How is income declared in the ordinary system? It is the task of the declarant to, IPC Trading Systems Guide necessary, check the Camarilla Exchange Trading System and sums and thereafter copy the data into the tables in the income tax return.

Check the correctness of the data in the tax report.

Copy the data from the tax report to tables 6. Submit the IPC Trading Systems Guide tax return. Be prepared to submit additional evidence at the request of the Tax and Customs Board. It contains more detailed information about Takistas valikut kaubandusviga transactions made currency, service fee paid upon purchase, and exchange rates.

This report is useful in calculating or controlling the acquisition cost, especially if, following the acquisition, a spilt or other corporate activity merger, division, etc. The costs associated with acquiring an option shall be included among the costs of IPC Trading Systems Guide securities call option or the disposal costs put option. Declaration via the ordinary system 3.

Which securities transactions must be declared? Any gain or loss that you have received from the sale of shares, investment fund including money market funds shares, bonds or debt obligations, options, derivative instruments or other unnamed securities meaning the sale or in the course of an exchange for the asset must be shown in the income tax return.

Declaration via the ordinary system 4. How does the gain or loss from the transfer of a security arise? When selling — the difference between the acquisition cost and the sales price of the security. When exchanging — the difference in market price between the acquisition cost of the security that was exchanged and the market price of the security that was received in exchange.

In the case of the merger, division or transformation of companies and non-profit organisations, new holdings received by way of exchange of shares shall be taxed when they are transferred. The difference in the acquisition cost of the exchanged share and the sales price of the share received shall be taxed. Under similar conditions, the gains received from the transferring of shares acquired through the switching of the investment fund units of European Union Member States are also taxed.

Declaration via the ordinary system 6. If I transferred securities from one of my securities accounts to another, do I really have to declare this transaction? No, you do not. A relevant entry does appear automatically on the tax return; however, since a transfer of securities from one of your accounts to another does not constitute a transfer of securities, you may delete this row from the declaration.

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Declaration via the ordinary system 7. What is the acquisition cost and what are the costs associated with the transfer?

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The acquisition cost of a security is comprised of all of the expenses incurred and documentarily certified in the acquisition of that security. As the costs directly attributable to the disposal of the asset are an indefinite legal concept, they must be viewed separately in the case of each specific transaction. Directly related costs can be costs that are necessary for the transaction, without which the transaction would not be possible to complete. Account management fees for the securities account or any other overhead costs that have been incurred by the taxpayer are not taken into account as expenses.

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These costs are to be borne by the individual irrespective of the transfer of the securities and cannot be deducted from the gains or added to the losses. Declaration via the ordinary system In this case, the tax liability arises from the transfer of shares. Their acquisition cost is zero. Declaration via the ordinary system No, the switching of such units is not subject to income tax.

Transactions involving the switching of these units do not have to be declared. Declaration via the ordinary system When calculating the gain obtained from the sale of units acquired during a tax exempt swap, the acquisition cost of the units transferred during the course of the switch can be taken into consideration.

Declaration via the ordinary system In the case of the transfer of units acquired in a tax-free exchange, the time of acquisition of the units shall be deemed to be the time of acquisition of the units transferred during the switch. Declaration via the ordinary system What are the permitted methods for calculation of the acquisition cost in the case of the partial transfer of securities of the same class acquired during different periods?

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FIFO method — the transfer takes place in the order of purchase, or weighted average method — the acquisition cost for one transferred security is calculated by dividing the sum of the acquisition cost of the same class of securities existing at the time of transfer by their number. Calculation of the acquisition cost may be complicated by corporate actions split, merger, division, fund issue, spin-off, etc.

These entries are linked together to pass on the acquisition cost of the negative entry to the positive entry. At the same time, more complicated transactions but also, for example, transferring securities from one account to another may be reflected as so-called free entries, in which case LHV must manually combine those entries with the necessary coefficients.

Failure to do so will result in the acquisition cost transfer not being made and incorrect data may appear in the tax report.

Therefore, in the case of free entries and other potentially unsafe transactions, the corresponding lines in the tax report are marked with red and it is recommended that the customer double-checks them.

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If necessary, contact LHV in order to combine entries or make other corrections. How is the loss incurred from the transfer of securities calculated? The transfer of securities shall take into account not only the benefits derived from the transaction but also the transactions carried out at a loss.