They even ascended themselves! The selloff took place on heavy volume and left few sectors untouched, but the most troubling aspect was the breach of important technical support levels in all the major indices. Saa üle sellest.

No ads, no in-app purchases, no internet required! Play anytime, anywhere! The long-lost ascendants are back. But what is this? They are an enemy now?

They even ascended themselves! Discover what lies beyond this mystery.

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  • The selloff took place on heavy volume and left few sectors untouched, but the most troubling aspect was the breach of important technical support levels in all the major indices.
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Collect all the elemental orbs that re-emerged and use them to re-create the Ascension Orb. Your enemies are ascended, it's time that you ascend too. Climb mountains, explore mysterious caves, survive in a jungle, cross a desert, stay cool in scorching lands, and many more!

This time there wasn't any great mystery; there has been no good news for the bulls to use as justification for buying.


We have had more than the usual number of earnings warnings, some from bellwethers, and a spate of weaker-than-expected economic news. The bulls simply have not been given any convenient reason to justify buying.

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The bulls will argue that things really aren't that bad. The economy is still growing, interest rates are under control, and the "good" earnings reports will be out soon.

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Perhaps, but probably the biggest positive for the bulls is that the aggressive selloff should decrease the high level of optimism we have had recently. There have been too many bulls, and that has probably reduced that amount of buying power out there to drive the market up.

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Days like yesterday go a long way toward increasing the amount of cash on the sidelines that can used to fuel a future rally. Stock acting like it wants to bounce here.

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Stops to entry area. Simply playing the Long side to see if some of that short-interest gets unwound in early trade. PRMW provides purified water dispensers, 5-gallon bottle exchanges, and selfservice refills.

Yet the company believes over the long-term they can double that to 50kk locations. Further, while the company has seen very strong same store sales growth over the past two years, in they began testing new marketing concepts in an effort to accelerate growth even further, with the impact likely seen in The self-storage industry is very strong right now as it s benefitting from steady demand, limited new supply, and attractive revenue growth.

This has allowed CUBE to raise rental prices and reduce promotional activity. CUBE has been building up its portfolio pretty quickly as it has been acquiring self storage facilities from smaller operators.

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The company is profitable and has been posting strong top line growth. All of this has led to a nice stock chart over the past year and the stock has been quite strong since early July.

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It s expected that industry supply should continue to be favorable in As such, CUBE s high levels of occupancy should allow it to be even more aggressive on rental prices. So it may not be impacted as much as other REITs that are paying larger dividends. CHUY likes to say that each location offers a unique, "unchained" look and feel. This price point drives a lot of repeat business. CHUY focuses on made-fromscratch food and it does not use walk-in freezers.

CHUY is small but sees a lot of growth ahead as it expects to double its 67 current locations within years. Over the longer term, CHUY sees about locations as possible.

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CHUY has made a change in its expansion strategy as it now plans to focus more on densely populated metro areas. For example, it plans to enter the Chicago market in late and hit it hard in Also, CHUY has been benefitting from favorable food and labor costs. Alati on keegi parem kaupleja kui sina.

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  • А я-то полагал, что личные встречи -- с вашими-то телепатическими способностями -- совсем необязательны.
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Saa üle sellest. See mäng on nagu golf, kus sa tegelikkuses oled vastamisi ainult iseendaga. Sinu ülesanne peaks olema saada iga päevaga natuke paremaks.