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Shawver, J. About 45 chemistry technicians are employed at the site, 15 at each operating unit.

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The technicians routinely perform trace level analyses for impurities of concern to PWRs. Each month a set of blind samples is provided by an outside vendor. The blind samples contain 16 parameters which are matrixed to approximate the PWR's primary and secondary cycles.

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Nine technicians receive the samples, three from each operating unit, and perform the required analyses. The goal of the program is to have each technician demonstrate acceptable performance on each of 16 analytical parameters. On completion of each monthly set, a summary report of all of the analytical results for the sample set is prepared.

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From the summary report, analytical bias can be detected, technician performance is documented, and overall laboratory performance can be evaluated. The program has been very successful at satisfying the INPO requirement that the analytical performance of each individual technician should be checked on at least a six-month frequency for all important parameters measured.

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The purpose of the report was to review existing geologic, environmental, and socioeconomic data for previously identified potentially acceptable sites consisting of approximately square miles in Swisher County and square miles in Deaf Smith County in the Texas Panhandle and to narrow them to preferred smaller sites for possible Power Tech Systems Trading LLC study for a nuclear waste repository.

The smaller sites thus identified within the two counties would then be more comparable in size to those in salt deposits in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Utah Science.

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