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SciELO, the Scientific Electronic Library Online, is a digital library covering a selected collection of Brazilian scientific journals Bitcoin Investeeringud on tahenduses of which provide open access to full-text articles. Thus, SciELO could play an important role as a source of evidence for dental healthcare interventions especially if it yields a sizeable number of high quality reports.

The aim of this study was to identify reports of clinical trials by handsearching of dental journals that are accessible through SciELO, and to assess the overall quality of these reports. Reports of clinical trials were identified and classified as controlled clinical trials CCTs - prospective, experimental studies comparing 2 or more healthcare interventions in human beings or randomized controlled trials RCTs - a random allocation method is clearly reportedaccording to Cochrane eligibility criteria.

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A majority Trading Matrix Variants the reports provided no description of either the method of randomization Participants and outcome assessors were reported as blinded in only Withdrawals and losses were only clearly described in 6.

The results of this study indicate that a substantial number of reports of trials and systematic Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden Juan José Montenegro-Idrogo Full Text Available Estudio bibliométrico que describe las características de cartas al editor publicadas en el período en revistas biomédicas indizadas a SciELO-Perú.

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En revistas biomédicas indizadas a SciELO-Perú las cartas al editor constituyen un porcentaje de publicaciones que ha aumentado en los últimos años, con baja la publicación de cartas de hallazgos o datos propios, en comparación con criterios de opinión o crítica «.