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Rest, A. Recently, supernova searches have improved their cadences and a handful of fast-evolving luminous transients have been identified These have peak luminosities comparable to type Ia supernovae, but rise to maximum in less than ten days and fade from view in less than one month.

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Here we present the most extreme example of this class of object thus far: KSN K, with a rise time of only 2. We show that, unlike type Ia supernovae, the light curve of KSN K was not powered by the decay of radioactive elements. We further argue that it is unlikely that it was powered by continuing energy deposition from a central remnant a magnetar or black hole.

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Using numerical radiation hydrodynamical models, we show that the light curve of KSN K is well fitted by a model where the supernova runs into external material presumably expelled in a pre-supernova mass-loss episode. The rapid rise of KSN K therefore probes the venting of photons when a hypersonic shock wave breaks out of a dense extended medium.

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Comparison of independent sequences from 1, A. Our results also indicated that CEL-III lectin was under positive selection, consistent with a possible role in immunity or symbiont recognition. Further studies are needed to clarify the possible functions of the genes under positive selection to provide insight into the evolutionary process of corals.

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